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Uncork and Unwind

We wait all year for this beautiful summer weather… the warm sun and cool breeze begging you to relax and sit on the patio.  Or better yet, to heat up the grill and spend some time with those you love most. 

We look forward to hosting our friends and family for barbeques every year.  It’s one of our summer staples!  And sure, everyone loves a bright summer salad, a charcuterie board piled high with cheese and fruit or a perfectly cooked steak.  But what really makes our meal, and helps us connect, is the wine.  We love the sound of clinking glasses, silverware hitting the plate and the loud chatter of people sharing their stories.  

Whether you want to share a glass of 44 Rosè with your sister over a citrusy summer salad, cook up a steak for your dad and reminisce about that one fishing trip over a bottle of Petite Pearl, or invite your friends over for a classic summer barbeque with brats, burgers, laughter and a bottle of Frozen Tundra Red, we’ve got you covered.

We’ve spent years crafting the perfect wines for every occasion, wines that turn every meal into story time.  So, go ahead, uncork and unwind, and enjoy our beautiful summer weather with a glass of wine from 44 Wineries! 

How Do You Barbeque?

I’m a traditionalist
(burgers, brats, pizza on the grill):

I prefer something heartier (steak or ribs):

I keep it on the lighter side (salads, fish, chicken):

I like to spice it up (spicy/salty dishes):

I just can’t choose! (wines that pair with any dish):

  • Washington Island
  • Vivace
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