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White Door Parallel 44


White Door is a member of our Door 44 flagship family of wines. Made with the Seyval Blanc grape, this wine is dry yet still fruit-forward.

Originally Seyval Blanc was grown in the vineyards of Parallel 44, however it was too tender to consistently manage in our frigid winters.  We now source the Seyval Blanc from upstate New York where it is buffered by warm Great Lakes waters.

Often equated to Chablis style wine, it is lighter in style with notes of grapefruit, green apple, and melon. It has been known to ripen in less that 100 days, a rare feat in the world of wine growing.


This dry, crisp, light-bodied white bursts with citrus and peach expressions. This food friendly wine pairs well with green salad, soft cheese, seafood, and chicken.

$16.99 per bottle

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