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The Stories that Connect Us

Welcome to our Vintner’s Choice Wine Club

Do you love a good story? Drawing in around the bonfire for a good tale—kids wide-eyed and curious? Or leaning in over candlelight in a crowded restaurant, listening eagerly?

Just like us, every wine has its own story. If you’re curious to learn more about our wines’ unique tales, you’ll love our Vintner’s Choice Wine Club. You’ll discover, some may be a mystery, a memoir, or even a comedy— but all are an adventure!

That’s why we love to share with you the narrative of every wine we create. They help us further appreciate each wine’s uniqueness and connect us with others as we share the story over a glass with friends or family.

As a member, you’ll receive 25% off a quarterly package of three wines, custom selected by me, the Parallel 44 and Door 44 Vintner. Each package includes the story of each wine and recipe pairing suggestions to help you enjoy your wine-drinking experience to the fullest.

These packages can be picked up at either winery or conveniently shipped to your home each March, June, September and December—ideal times of year for gathering and sharing your favorite wines with the ones you love.

The Vintner’s Choice Wine Club includes many other great perks as well:

  • First access to new wine releases
  • Exclusive member-only wines
  • Free wine sampling at both wineries
  • Private members-only events hosted by the winery
  • Referral and loyalty rewards
  • 20% off all wines purchased at our wineries or com
  • And more!

Ready to explore? Go ahead, get curious!

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