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Tasting Notes: This is a light bodied, semi-sweet red with notes of raspberry and strawberries that give way to black cherry finish. The flavor is slightly dryer at room temperature and fruitier when chilled.

Pairing:  Pairs well with everyday foods such as burgers, brats, pizza, and pasta.

Varietal: Petite Pearl & Frontenac
Appellation: Wisconsin
Vintage: 2022
Alcohol: 12.3%
RS: Semi-Sweet

Nouveau Rouge means “New Red” and it was a hit with customers from the start!  It is the only wine we made when we first opened our doors in 2007 that we still produce today!  This vintage is made from a blend of Petite Pearl and Frontenac.  The blend of grapes used has changed over time, however the flavor of the wine has remained a fruit-forward red that is smooth and low in tannins. The fruit forward structure, deep color, and soft finish make this one of the easiest drinking reds you can find.

This new red reflects the growing desire, among US wine drinkers, to enjoy the fruit aspect of wine without the interference of oak expression found more commonly in the Old-World wine style of Europe. Nouveau Rouge does not take itself too seriously and is meant to be drank young and fruity, but don’t let that fool you as it does have the ability to age well.

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