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Bubbler Is Wisconsin’s Champagne

According to a 2017 study by the Wine Market Council, 8% of all wine drinkers regularly consume sparkling wine. Now ask yourself, “Have I ever drank a sparkling wine?” What kind of sparkling wine was it and how did it taste?

Odds are you enjoyed the taste of Champagne, one of, if not the most popular sparkling wine regions in the world. However, Decanter’s “Most exciting sparkling wines of 2017” says only two out of the 10 wines are from Champagne, while other notables come from Italy, Australia and England.

This indicates to us that sparkling wine drinkers are excited about what’s new and fresh, rather than old and traditional. While there’s no denying the brilliant reputation that the region of Champagne, France has established over centuries, it’s obvious that wine drinkers like to explore their tastes.

For those that don’t know, our Bubbler was the first commercially produced sparkling wine made from Wisconsin grapes. The most current vintage is from 2017 and contains two popular Wisconsin varietals, La Crescent and Frontenac Gris. It is our winemaker’s belief that because of the natural high acidity and fruit-forward flavors in our grapes, Wisconsin will some day rival Champagne as one the world’s most dominant sparkling wine regions.

Bold statement.

Let’s back that up with a little credibility why don’t we? In 2014 & ’15 Bubbler was named Best Wisconsin Sparkling Wine. So what? That’s just Wisconsin, right?

In 2017, Bubbler earned Gold at the Dan Berger International Wine competition, where 24 internationally respected wine judges, blindly taste and evaluate wines from all over America, as well as New Zealand, Italy, France and other regions. So we got lucky… Not quite.

Also in 2017, Bubbler earned 91 points and was named a Finalist at the Ultimate Wine Challenge in New York City, characterized as one of the world’s best wine competitions.

You can start to see a trend here.

Not only does Bubbler provide that refreshing, crisp, light, balanced taste you want from a sparkling wine, but it also provides the excitement of trying something new and innovative. Couple that with the national and international recognition it’s receiving, and you’ll noticed how Bubbler is becoming Wisconsin’s very own Champagne.

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