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Parallel 44 M Red Wine


“M” is short for Marquette, which is the name of the grape varietal that was used for this wine. M was one of the first commercial releases made from Wisconsin Ledge grapes.  The Marquette grapes used here were grown in Door 44‘s vineyard, located in Door County.

M’s grapes are related to the Frontenac and the Pinot Noir. The Marquette grape expresses itself with the fruit forward, bright, and balanced expressions that made Pinot Noir’s so popular.


A smooth, medium-bodied, dry red that is full of flavor with a touch of oak. M offers black cherry flavors with hints of raspberry, strawberry, plum and spice. Pairs well with full-bodied proteins, red sauces, root vegetables, and medium-bodied cheeses.

$23.99 per bottle

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