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La Crescent

The La Crescent grape is a cold climate varietal with parentage in the Moscato family. Considered to be one of the most promising cold climate varietals by experts in the wine industry, our La Crescent continues to win highest honors in competitions.

La Crescent is an excellent representation of the world class wines grown and produced here in Wisconsin. This New World wine exhibits the fruit forward expressions desired by the younger wine drinker yet offers the nuances appreciated by the connoisseur.


This brilliantly balanced, semi-dry white wine starts with a luscious, floral bouquet followed by flavors of peach, apricot, and citrus and ends with a refreshing crisp finish. Our La Crescent is reminiscent of a drier, crisp Riesling. Perfect for drinking on its own or pairs well with bold cheeses, green salads, fried fish, seafood, chicken, and pasta with white sauces.

$18.99 per bottle

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