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LaCrescent Wine Wine 2022 Vintage



Tasting Notes: LaCrescent is a luscious, brilliantly balanced, semi-sweet white wine that starts with an aromatic bouquet of orange blossoms, followed by rich flavors of peach, apricot, and citrus, ending with a refreshing crisp finish, reminiscent of a drier, crisp Riesling.

Pairing: Due to its medium-body and hint of sweetness, LaCrescent pairs well with spicy foods such as Mexican or Asian dishes, bold cheeses, seafood with butter and creamy white sauces, or refreshing on its own!

Varietal: LaCrescent
Vintage: 2022
Appellation: Wisconsin
Alcohol: 12.0%
RS: Semi-sweet

Award Highlights:

90 Points, 2018 Ultimate Wine Challenge
Best of Show, 2017 Intl Cold Climate Wine Competition
Best of Class, 2017 Dan Berger Intl Wine Competition
Best of Class¸ 2017 Indy International Competition
Finalist¸ 2017 Ultimate Wine Challenge
92 Points, 2017 Ultimate Wine Challenge
Double Gold¸ 2017 Indy International Competition
Double Gold¸ 2017 WI Professional Wine Competition
Gold, 2017 Dan Berger Intl Wine Competition
Gold, 2017 Intl Cold Climate Wine Competition

The LaCrescent grape has parentage in the Moscato family. It is one of the most popular grapes from this region and with its higher acidity it is best crafted into a semi-dry to sweet style wine.  Since Steve first made a LaCrescent wine, it has won highest awards in every competition in which it was placed, making it our most highly awarded wine. Experts in the wine industry considered LaCrescent to be one of the most promising varietals and it offers nuances appreciated by both the new wine drinker and the connoisseur.

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