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Blue Moon White Wine



Tasting Notes: Blue Moon is soft, well-balanced, smooth, semi-dry white wine with tropical aromatics, a touch of honey sweetness and a hint of minerality.

Pairing: A perfect complement to light-bodied foods such as green salads, seafood, and chicken, but also easily enjoyed on its own.

Varietal:         St. Pepin & Louise Swenson
Appellation:    Wisconsin Ledge
Vintage:          2021
Alcohol:          12.2%
RS:                 Semi-Dry

Award Highlights:

Gold, 2019 WI Professional Wine Competition
Gold, 2017 Dan Berger International Wine Competition
Gold, 2017 WI Professional Wine Competition

Blue Moon is crafted from the Louise Swenson & St. Pepin grapes which were grown on the Wisconsin Ledge. Both grapes were developed by the pioneer of cold climate viticulture, Elmer Swenson in the 1980s.  Swenson was a farmer from Osceola, Wisconsin, who became a self-taught grape breeder and is known as the grandfather of Northern wine growing. Swenson took wild or ‘riparia’ vines growing on the country sides in Wisconsin and crossed them with “vinifera” species of grapes growing in California and Europe. By crossing these species, he created world class grape varieties that are perfectly suited for our climate, some capable of surviving negative 30-degree temperatures.

Steve crafted this wine for the first time in 2018 and declared a vintage that good could only happen “Once in a Blue Moon!”  Well Steve did it again in 2019 and crafted an even better one!

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