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Bubbler Door 44 Winery


Parallel 44 first produced Bubbler in 2014. Traditional Champagne regions generally have cooler summers and shorter growing seasons, similar to ours, and therefore produce fruit that is more conducive to sparkling wines due to their higher acidity and lower sugars.

Maria has always been a sparkling wine fan, dedicated to convincing others that sparkling wine should be for everyday consumption, not just holidays or special occasions.

Bubbler is made primarily from a blend of Frontenac Gris and La Crescent; the name Bubbler is a play on the Wisconsin use of the term bubbler for drinking fountains. Bubbler was a term first used by the Kohler Company referring to a drinking fountain it produced. This, like the wine, became a Wisconsin tradition.


This semi-sweet, fruity and balanced effervescent wine is uniquely Wisconsin, just like the word “Bubbler.” Bubbler is smooth with tropical fruit and citrus notes and has an easy finish. This wine pairs well with everyday living, so open a bottle and enjoy! Also enjoy with salty foods, bold cheeses, chicken, seafood, and salad.

$19.99 per bottle

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