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Red Door Parallel 44



This easy drinking dry red has earthy undertones with flavors of black cherries and a smooth finish. Red Door is meant for everyday drinking and pairs well with foods such as burgers, brats, pizza, and pasta. Red Door is also a must when you grill; drink it with everything from steak to chicken kabobs! It’s a perfect complement to everyday dishes such as pasta with red sauces, pizza, and burgers.

Red Door is made from the Marechal Foch grape, a cold climate grape varietal that has French origins, but now is predominately planted in both Wisconsin and Michigan.  

Through the Red Door you will step from wine developed in old world France to the New World wine of Wisconsin. Its versatility reflects styles ranging from a traditional earthy Burgundy to a more modern Beaujolais.

Crafted in a style that highlights the grape’s fruitiness, Red Door is a well-balanced, light-bodied, easy drinking, food friendly wine. This wine is crafted using a modern method of red winemaking that utilizes a slower fermentation so that the fruit flavors of the grape end up in your glass.

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