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parallel 44 frozen tundra original



Tasting Notes: A smooth sweet rosé wine with fruity aromas of strawberry and cherry followed by a clean refreshing finish.

Pairing: Pairs well with bold cheeses, creamy sauces, salty foods such as potato chips, ham or bacon, and spicy foods such as Mexican, Asian or Thai dishes.

Varietal: Frontenac & Seyval Blanc
Appellation: American
Vintage: 2020
Alcohol: 12.3%
RS: Sweet

Award Highlights:

Best of Division, 2019 WI Prof Wine Competition
Gold, 2019 WI Prof Wine Competition
Double Gold, 2017 Indy International Competition
Best of Division, 2015 WI Professional Wine Competition
Double Gold, 2011 WI Professional Wine Competition

The Frozen Tundra Family of wines was born in 2009 and all started with Frozen Tundra Original. The Summer of 2009 was cool and the grapes we harvested were slightly under ripe. A bit discouraged, Steve had an idea… Celebrate the acidity in our grapes and create a wine with a “sweet/ tart” effect. The Frontenac grapes were harvested and pressed immediately, so that the juice had very little skin contact, allowing the fruit quality of the grape to come through despite the acid. This created a pink wine with intense aromatics and a crisp clean finish, just like a sweet tart or jolly rancher. Since this wine was truly a creation of our unique terroir, Steve and Maria thought it fitting to use the term “Frozen Tundra” for its name as a regional reference to the Green Bay area. This wine was called “Frozen Tundra” as a celebration of the region we love to call the “Frozen Tundra” and the first vintage sold out immediately.  Overtime, this wine has become a blended rose’ in order to meet the demand.

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