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parallel 44 frozen tundra original

Frozen Tundra Original

The Frozen Tundra family of wines debuted in 2009 the first Wisconsin frost came a little too soon and our grapes were mostly under ripe. The harvest was either a total loss, or Winemaker Steve would have to try something completely different. The result: This brightly hued, almost pink wine with a fruity quality and crisp finish. 

In reference to its unique history right here in Wisconsin, this rosé was named Frozen Tundra. Frozen Tundra, a hallmark wine of Parallel 44, is now the Frozen Tundra Original and the Red and White version soon followed.


Exhibits the New World style of sweetness and acidity that pleases the new wine drinker and those looking for unique wine flavors. Its sweet and tart expressions of bright cherry pair well with bold cheese, salty meats, and spicy foods.  Also try it with everyday food such as burgers, brats, and pizza.

$14.99 per bottle

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