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Start with Dessert!

As I write this today, in the midst of this stressful pandemic, I hear, see, and feel the desire of many to once again to find the joy of living.  We realize more than ever the importance of enjoying life…

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Maria: Moms Are Like Wine

Spending time with my Mom is one of those simple pleasures that always gives me comfort.  She turned 90 this year and her memory is starting to fade, but spending time with her is still one of those things I…

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Staff Post: Simple Pairings

Last night, I enjoyed some chocolate cake and Vintners Reserve. It was delicious. I kept expecting that sour tang that sometimes comes with sweet things paired with the wrong wine. But the chocolate brought out new notes in the wine, and…

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Inspired to Serve You

Everyone’s lives have changed dramatically in the past month. While we are still busy with pruning and bottling, we too have felt the pain of not being able to open our tasting rooms to offer you the tastings, tours, and…

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Introducing Thirsty Thursdays

Last week Parallel 44 and Door 44 hosted our first ever Virtual Wine Tasting.  It was great way for Maria and I to connect and enjoy wine even in these trying times. It really emphasized why we drink wine in…

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Cookies and Wine! A Sweet Treat!

At Parallel 44 and Door 44 we started our spring tradition of Girl Scout cookies and wine pairing flights many years ago and customers still love it!  Being a former Girl Scout and having both of my daughters enjoy scouting…

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Choosing a wine should be fun!

I am supposed to bring a bottle of wine and I don’t know what to do?  Have you ever been asked to bring a bottle of wine to a celebration or dinner? Has this resulted in you scratching your head…

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The Case for Wine over White Claw

Recently I have been struck by the flurry of talk about how many people, millennials in particular, are choosing hard seltzers like White Claw over wine as their beverage of choice.  Much of the argument in favor of hard seltzers…

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