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Holiday Wine and Food Pairing 2

Hi Maria here from Parallel 44 Winery and Door 44 Winery. It’s the holiday season and we’re breaking down those holiday meals to figure out the perfect pairing. So now we welcomed our guests in with an amazing Wisconsin sparkling wine, Sparkler.

What’s next? The snacks of course! The cheese, the crackers, whatever your perfect snack board is, and what wine do we bring to this? Well my pick is our Petite Rose. Bright rose wine made from the petite pearl grape. Refreshing, crisp and perfect with all your cheese pairings which are kind of creamy and neat and crisp, refreshing wine to wash them away. And for your salty snacks, like crackers or chips, perfect pairing to have a little bit of crisp acidity paired against that saltiness. So my pick for the snack time is our Petite Rose, the perfect Wisconsin wine pairing. Cheers!

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