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Tasting Notes: This ice wine, grown on the Wisconsin Ledge, highlights the special terrior of our region and the rich flavors of the St. Pepin grapes. Flavors of pear and brown sugar will linger on your palate. Serving temperature is critical for this wine, as it should be served between 40 – 45°F.

Pairing: Pairs well with most desserts such as cheesecake, chocolate cake, and fruit-based desserts or best enjoyed on its own well chilled.

Varietal:          St. Pepin
Appellation:    Wisconsin Ledge
Vintage:          2022
Alcohol:           11.5%
RS:                  16g/100ml
At Harvest:      36° Brix

Award Highlights:

Best Wisconsin Wine, Double Gold & Gold, 2018 WI Prof Wine Competition
Best Wine of WI, Best of Class & Double Gold, 2018 Wine is WI Competition
95 Pts, 2018 Midwest Wine Challenge (
94 Pts, 2018 Ultimate Wine Challenge
Best of Class, 2017 Wine Is WI Competition
93 Pts, 2017 Ultimate Wine Challenge
Best of Show, 2017 Intl Cold Climate Wine Competition
Best of Class & Double Gold¸ 2017 WI Prof Wine Competition
Double Gold, 2017 Intl Cold Climate Wine Competition

Wisconsin is one of the few places in the world where authentic ice wine can be grown and produced. The grapes that produce ice wine must be picked only after the grapes have frozen solid on the vine. This usually requires constant temperatures of 15° or colder for several days. The grapes are then pressed while still frozen, extracting very concentrated sugars, as all the water content of the grape is removed as frozen crystals. What results is an intensely layered wine that cannot be produced in any other way. This is a specialty wine requiring extensive labor and care, with very limited yields. What is pressed is only a fraction of what would have been harvested had these grapes been picked at their typical harvest time of mid to late September. The 2022 vintage is our sixth ice wine release and is made from the St. Pepin grape.  Our Ice wine has consistently won high awards when entered in competitions, being one of the highest rated wines in many competitions.

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