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Holiday Wine and Food Pairing 3

Hi Maria here from Parallel 44 Winery and Door 44 Winery. We are talking holiday pairing and thanksgiving pairing and what wines to pair with our favorite foods. What about those vegetables first? I love squash and I would definitely recommend adding squash entree to your holiday table. So many different squashes and these guys can look kind of weird and scary! Here’s a buttercup acorn butternut. I love all of these, they are amazing kind of late harvest vegetables. I love to roast them with a little bit of olive oil, with salt and some onion powder. Just put them in the oven and cook them down. They are amazing, earthy, just great mouth feel and would you think about pairing a wine with squash? Yes love that!

My pick for pairing with squash or maybe some of your other root vegetables too or your green bean casserole…Blue Moon. This is the perfect white it’s got some minerality to it. A little bit of earthiness to it. Blue Moon is one of my favorite whites that we produce. Primarily the Louise Swenson grape, and this is the perfect pairing with all your vegetable entrees. So make sure to have Blue Moon on the table today for your holiday meal. Cheers!

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