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Thanksgiving Pairings

So what wines do you serve for your Thanksgiving celebration?

These are my picks! Welcome your guests in with Sparkler. The perfect Wisconsin grown sparkling wine that just says cheers and welcome!

Then, for all your savory vegetable pairings, your green bean casserole, your brussel sprouts, your squash: Blue Moon. A nice crisp white that balances all those savory vegetables perfectly.

Moving on to the meal, you’ve got your turkey, stuffing, cranberry… complicated meal what do you pair? Two picks. Promise – brand new release made from the Verona grape, medium body doesn’t overpower the turkey, but complements the savory very well.

Or go for a rose. Our Petite Rose is my choice. Light, crisp, doesn’t overpower the turkey, but compliments again all those savory dishes perfectly.

Moving on to dessert, my favorite time. You’ve got your pumpkin pie, pecan pie, what do you serve? Late Harvest St Pepin, harvested later in the season to concentrate the sugars and the flavors perfect dessert wine pairs amazing with all of your desserts. Cheers!

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