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Tailgate in Style with our Frozen Tundra Wines

Hi Steve and I are out here in our Wisconsin vineyard practicing our tailgating skills so we can show you how to tailgate in style! Yeah it really doesn’t get any better than this, you’ve got your fire, your Frozen Tundra, your meats… but the thing that really makes it classy and authentic is your Frozen Tundra family of wines here.

You got that right, and like every great chef, I pair my snacks perfectly.

You’ve got Frozen Tundra White with your savory hot dog. We’ve got Frozen Tundra Original with your perfectly grilled burger, and Frozen Tundra Red with that tasty brat.

Doesn’t get better than that! No it really doesn’t, I mean this is all about expressing and enjoying our local aspects. So these are truly local wines. They’re growing on the vines right behind us, so it’s local from the ground to the glass.. actually from the Frozen Tundra to your glass! Watch it… but yes make sure to celebrate your championship team with these championship internationally awarded wines.

So we invite you to go to your local liquor store or wine store to pick up one of your Frozen Tundra family wines or go to Cheers!

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