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Holiday Wine and Food Pairing 5

Hi Maria here from Parallel 44 Winery and Door 44 Winery. We are talking holiday wine pairings! Well we’ve gone through the welcome, the appetizer, the main course, and now it’s time for dessert! My favorite for holiday and Thanksgiving is pumpkin pie. Nothing more traditional.

What kind of wine would you pair with pumpkin pie? Well the one thing to remember about dessert and wine pairing, is the wine should always be sweeter than the dessert. So my picks are if you like a red, I think Red Frosting is amazing with pumpkin pie. It’s the perfect amount of sweetness, nice mouth feel, along with a mouthfeel of this pumpkin pie. Oh it’s just a spectacular pairing!

If you like white wines more, then my pick is White Frosting. Sweet and bright, and again has enough sweetness to really balance out the creaminess and sweetness of a pumpkin pie.

So my dessert pairings are White Frosting and Red Frosting. Cheers to amazing Wisconsin wines!

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