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Holiday Wine and Food Pairing 6

Hi Maria here from Parallel 44 Winery and Door 44 Wineries. We are talking holiday food and wine pairing, and you can watch my other videos to get more specific about each aspect of the meal. But let’s go through it quickly.

Remember holiday meals should not be a one and done kind of pairing, there’s so many different wines and each one serves a different amazing pairing for that complete holiday experience. My picks start with a sparkling wine and Sparkler, our amazing sparkling bright, fresh, rose’ is my pick for greeting all your family and guests in.

Then it’s time for the snacks. My pick is a bright rose’, Petite Rose’ is perfect to pair against those creamy cheeses or salty snacks like chips and crackers.

Then we’re moving on to that holiday meal. So many different flavors from turkey, to cranberries, to root vegetables, to green beans, to dressings. So many flavors what do we do? We’ll try a red and a white. An earthy white like Blue Moon is my pick, or medium bodied red with not a lot of tannins, but enough to balance all those heavier rich foods. My pick Petite Pearl and/or M. Why not both? Why not all of them?

Then we’re moving on to dessert. That amazing pumpkin pie is rich and sweet, you’re gonna need a wine that’s sweeter than that pumpkin pie. My picks White Frosting and Red Frosting.

So get your holiday array of wines and make this the perfect holiday food and wine pairing. Cheers!

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