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Tasting Notes: Dry red wine that offers flavors of dark chocolate covered cherries and raspberries with soft tannins and juicy mouth-feel.

Pairing: Pairs with full-bodied hearty dishes such roast or grilled steak, pasta sauces, bold cheeses, pizza or savory dishes.

Varietal: Verona
Appellation: Wisconsin
Vintage: 2021
Alcohol: 12.5%
RS: Dry
Oak: French

Promise is crafted from a brand new grape varietal called Verona. This is one of the first commercial releases of wines made from this grape and the grape, which we released in Dec 2021, and it is so new that the name has not yet been approved by the federal government and therefore we were not able to use the grape name on the label.

Verona was developed by grape breeder Tom Polcher, who also developed the Petite Pearl grape. Since we were the first to release wine made from Petite Pearl, Tom Polcher again gave us the opportunity to be among the first to release wine made from Verona.

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