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Cookies and Wine! A Sweet Treat!

At Parallel 44 and Door 44 we started our spring tradition of Girl Scout cookies and wine pairing flights many years ago and customers still love it!  Being a former Girl Scout and having both of my daughters enjoy scouting when they were young, nothing brings back good memories at this time of year more than the release of Girl Scout cookies.  It was always that bright and delicious break in the winter which breathed the hope of spring and good times.  Each delicious bite of cookie brings me back to those great times.  Pairing these tasty treats with wine is now a little adult pleasure I enjoy each year when our cookies arrive. 

Why do cookies pair so well with wine?  Since each cookie has its own unique flavor, there isn’t just one answer; it is specific to the cookie.  I have chosen my favorite cookies to pair with our wines and here is why I believe they are the most delicious.     

  1. Blue Moon and Lemonades: This is a shortbread cookie topped with lemon icing.  When I eat this cookie, it is both the sweet and the tangy from the lemonade flavor that dance on my palate.  I enjoy pairing this cookie with one of our crisp whites, Blue Moon.  Blue Moon is a semi-dry white with tropical aromatics and a touch of sweetness followed by a crisp clean finish.  The upfront tropical fruit flavors of the wine and the cookie meld so well and are balanced by the tangy finish of both the cookie and the wine.  Lemon flavor and a crisp white wine is amongst one of my favorite combinations and one that most don’t think to pair.  
  2. Bubbler with Do-si-does: Nothing says comfort and flavor to me, more than peanut butter and oatmeal, so you can imagine it was love at first bite with Do-si-dos, a sandwich cookie on the outside and peanut butter on the inside. Bubbler is a semi dry, fruity and balanced sparkling wine that pairs so well with this cookie because the wine’s crisp acidity cuts through the creamy peanut butter and makes this a smooth delicious pairing.  
  3. M with Caramel deLites: This is a vanilla cookie wrapped in flavors of caramel, toasted coconut and chocolate.  My pick of wines is our M, a dry, smooth medium-bodied wine that is full of enough flavor to meld with the caramel, coconut and chocolate, but not too heavy on the tannins so as to overpower, making this an amazing flavor explosion.  
  4. Frozen Tundra Red with Thin Mints: One of the most famous of cookies, the Thin Mint is a peppermint cookie coated in chocolate.  I must admit I was skeptical about mint pairing with wine, but this combination is perfect.  Frozen Tundra Red is a semi-sweet, smooth red that is complex and balanced and has the perfect amount of fruit to balance a spicy mint cookie.  

Enjoy these cookie pairing and hope you create some new pairing of your own.  Enjoy having our wines delivered directly to your door with our penny shipping offer this month. 



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