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Let’s Bring the Tasting Room to Your Living Room!

Yesterday I was giving serious thought as to how we can all work to overcome this challenge of the coronavirus. While we can still buy wine at the winery or at the store or on-line, I believe that wine is best enjoyed together. So even though we cannot gather together in tasting rooms or at events, I soon realized that you and I don’t have to wait for this to pass in order to enjoy the experience and joy of wine together.

 In 2020, we now have the technology and ability to connect with each other over wine in a personal way no matter how far the distance between each of us. In other words, we can do virtual tastings together!

What is a virtual tasting? It’s an event online where you and I and our friends can share from our own separate locations our stories and experiences of wines as we taste them together.

 Why do I want to do this? Because our mission is to connect and inspire each other through wine. We here at Parallel 44 and Door 44 are growing and crafting the best possible wines from a new and interesting region.  But this is only important to us if our wines bring us closer together as we share the joy of wine and all that it represents.

 So I am very excited to announce that Maria and I will be holding our first ever Virtual Wine Tasting on Friday, March 27th at 4:30pm.  We invite you and your friends to join us as we taste and talk over the latest Vintners Choice Club wines: the 2018 Sparkler, the 2017 Petite Pearl, and the special club release of the 2019 Inspire.

 Maria and I want you to share with us what you taste in the wine and what you find interesting. Remember this is not a sommelier lesson in wine tasting, but rather just a casual gathering among friends to share your impressions of the wine. We also just want to start a conversation amongst ourselves about the joy of wine in general and share our stories behind these wines and your stories about what you enjoy about wine and what wine means to you in your lives.

You can RSVP here.

Whether you have 1 or none of these wines, please join us.  We would like to make this a regular experience and believe this is an amazing way to continue to enjoy wine, not just for the immediate future but for years to come. Because honestly your sharing of your enjoyment of wine is the inspiration we feel as we pioneer with you alongside us as grow and craft wines from this brand-new part of the wine world.

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