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Wine Feature: Frosting Wines

Maria, owner of Parallel 44 and Door 44 Wineries, describes our Frosting Family of wines.

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Hi my name is Maria and my husband Steve and I are the owners of Parallel 44 and Door 44 Wineries. At our wineries, all of our wines are made from grapes and 90 are grown locally. This is our frosting family of wines. It is the sweetest wines that we produce and we introduced these a couple years ago.

Just to have something a little bit sweeter and really celebrate that soothing comfort that comes from drinking a sweet wine. All very balanced, you’re going to get that sweetness up front and a clean finish.

Each one celebrates a different flavor profile. White Frosting is made from LaCrescent. Pink Frosting is made Frontenac. Red Frosting from Frontenac.

With White Frosting, you’ll have flavors of pineapple vanilla and orange blossom. Pink Frosting, peach, candied apples, and powdered sugar. And Red Frosting just like an amazing chocolate covered cherry or raspberry.

Each one celebrating its own flavor profile. Each one balanced with up front aromatics, amazing flavor profile in the middle, and then a clean finish.

You’ll notice that they’re different sizes. We are re-introducing these in a full 750 milliliter bottle, we start in a 500 but we’ll all be going to a full-size bottle as we continue with these wines.


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