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Wine Feature: The Bride

Listen to owner Maria talk about our newest wine, the Bride Wine! The perfect wine to pair with a bachelorette weekend or just to celebrate that special girl!

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In Door County we get all kinds of bridal parties or bachelorette parties. So we have friends coming in to celebrate that special girl: The Bride. We thought “wouldn’t it be fun to make a label just for that special occasion?”

So we created The Bride and a fun, unique label that you can actually personalize! So you can see some of our examples here. Just write the bride’s name in here and then all the friends in the party can sign the label. Everybody could go ahead and sign one for everybody in the party and then you have a special keepsake from that special day. Something that you can remember all that fun that you have with your friends.

And wonderful wine! Look at this beautiful color, just bright fresh rose it’s semi-dry it almost has flavors of pomegranate but just like the pop of confectionery sugar to it… so fun label wonderful wine and a perfect way to celebrate that special girl The Bride!

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