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Easter Wine Pairing

Hi! Maria here from Parallel 44 Vineyard & Winery. We are talking Easter and wine pairings. Now Easter is one of those occasions where some families do a brunch, some do a lunch… so I chose wines that can span from brunch to lunch perfectly!

Bubbler is my first pick. You have to have a sparkling wine no matter what the occasion. Kicking off the event with a sparkling wine is perfect, and if you’re going to do brunch maybe you want to add a little fruit juice and do some mimosas. But for lunch just kick off the celebration.

Then I went kind of light with my pairings. We have La Crescent and Nouveau Rouge. So the La Crescent and Nouveau Rouge are those perfect lighter bodied, either white or red, and they both have a little bit of sweetness to them so they balance anything salty in that meal. Ham is a favorite for Easter, perfect for balancing the saltiness of the ham or even the saltiness of say… hash brown potatoes with cheese in them my white and red pick are the La Crescent and Nouveau Rouge.

If you want to go a little bit drier, is my choice M is made from Marquette. Marquette has parentage and pinot noir. This is medium bodied, some tannins, but not a lot, and this is perfect if you want to balance those foods out but you’re a little bit drier wine drinker.

Happy Easter! Cheers!

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