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Start with Dessert!

As I write this today, in the midst of this stressful pandemic, I hear, see, and feel the desire of many to once again to find the joy of living.  We realize more than ever the importance of enjoying life from moment to moment. Nothing is for certain, and we should take nothing for granted, especially the simple pleasures and the simple joys of life.

 This notion is actually the inspiration of our new family of wines from Parallel 44.  Monday, May 11, marks the official release of our new Frosting Series of wines. Maria and I were recently talking the other day when she turned to me and said, “Life is too short, so why don’t we start with dessert.” In this case, dessert consists of our Family of Frosting Wines called Red Frosting, White Frosting, and Pink Frosting.

Red Frosting Pink Frosting White Frosting

 We want you to celebrate the sweetness of life with these three very unique grape varietals that we grow here in the Upper Midwest. Red Frosting is made from the Frontenac grape, White Frosting is made from the La Crescent grape, and Pink Frosting is made from the Frontenac Gris grape. 

 These wines were grown and crafted to express the ultra-aromatic and rich and smooth sweetness that comes from these grapes that less than one percent of the world has tasted. I made these Frosting Wines so that they could be dessert in a glass, although they would also be a perfect compliment for almost every dessert from cupcakes to macaroons to chocolate. I have also found that their best expression comes after chilling for about 30 minutes before opening.

 The Frosting Series of Wines is meant to be enjoyed as a package trio to share with others or to savor by yourself.  To me, Red Frosting offers flavors of chocolate, cherries, and sugar-coated plums, while White Frosting explodes with aromatics of pineapples, orange blossoms, and vanilla.  Pink Frosting reminds me of peaches, powdered sugar, and candy apples.

 Maria and I are thrilled to release these long-awaited dessert wines for several reasons. They are not only affordable, but also very approachable. The Frosting Series of Wines is going to be something for not only wine lovers but for those who are new to wine and love rich and sweet flavors.

 “It’s so awesome to celebrate the sweetness that these wines were meant to be, while at the same time reminding everyone while life is short it is also sweet.  So you might as well start with dessert.” Maria and I invite you to raise your glasses of Frosting Dessert wines and say “Cheers” with us to all that is sweet in life.

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