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The Vineyards are Bursting

Come see our vineyards literally burst into life.

 I invite you to see the miracle of budburst that is presently occurring in the vineyards of Parallel 44 and Door 44.

 Now is the time to see that glorious moment that we wine growers have anxiously waited for since the harvest of last fall. Right now, our vineyards are coming to life day by day, hour by hour, after 6 months of dormancy.  As I write this, the dormant buds on the vines have burst and are opening their leaves and showing us their inflorescence which are tiny little clusters of grapes before they begin to bloom and pollinate and begin the process of maturing into the 2020 vintage of wines.

Bud Breaking

 In a matter of days, you will see and smell the blooming flowers of the tiny grape clusters. We invite you walk the rows of vineyards at Parallel 44 and Door 44 with some wine in hand and enjoy the sights and smells of the vineyards. It is amazing to take in the sights of these vines and realize that in only 115 days these tiny little clusters will mature into large and delicious grape clusters that will be picked and be on their way to a blissful fermentation that will create wines that you will enjoy anywhere from seven months to seven years from now.

 What I love about this is that each cluster is being formed and affected by every little nuance that Mother Nature will provide for us from now until late September into October. I always say, “We don’t really make wine, we grow wine.” Our job as wine growers and wine makers is to finesse what Mother Nature provides for us each and every season. In fact, in France, they do not really have a word for winemaker, instead they use the word “vigneron” which translated means wine grower. When you drink our wines, what you are actually tasting is a place, a moment in time, never to be exactly the same as any previous year.

 Come check it out for yourself and take a few pictures.  The vines make a beautiful and unique backdrop for photos of your loved ones. It is beautiful way to spend an hour or two this time of year!

walking the vineyard

 Cheers to discovering, enjoying, and sharing wines!

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