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Wine Offers Comfort in Times of Anxiety

Last week something was sparked within me as a read a recent article by New York Times wine critic Eric Asimov. He noted that we all take for granted how food has the ability to affect us emotionally but that we often forget that wine also affects us emotionally.  He recounted that when he feels moments of anxiety or need, he is drawn to Syrah and how it makes him happy, the same way that split pea soup makes him happy or a certain food that his mother used to make.

 This makes sense because wine is a very sensory experience that is closely tied to our memories.  Memories are often emotional and hence for many of us we begin to make emotional connections to wine whether we are conscious of it or not.

 The following is a quote that perfectly summarizes the way I think and feel about wine.

 “The emotional component of wine is rarely considered. We tend to think of wine intellectually, often as a problem of methodology. This is how you taste a wine. This is how you serve it correctly. Memorize your geography, your soil types, your nomenclature. None of this addresses how wine makes us feel, which ultimately is the most important thing.  Especially in our current time of great anxiety, as we try to adapt to a new world shaped by the coronavirus pandemic, with no end in sight.”

 With this thought in my mind I am reminded of all those on our front lines–from first responders to health care professionals and the tireless front line retail workers. They need some well-deserved gratitude and reprieve.  For me wine is a beverage that epitomizes the comfort that comes with something you savor in the presence of loved ones or in quiet solitude. I have been hearing many accounts of so many people putting in long hours in very stressful situations. And while I know many of them would tell me that they are just doing their job, I think it’s very important to recognize their sacrifice and service.  

 That is why we would like to announce that starting this Friday, April 10 through Sunday April 19th, Parallel 44 and Door 44 Wineries will be extending a special offer to all front line workers including first responders, health care professionals, retail front line personnel, and transportation workers, as a way to say thank you.  This offer will include 44% off 12 bottles of wine and a gift certificate for a winery tour and tasting for a group of six, valued up to $60.  These certificates can be redeemed once normal business resumes at the wineries. Steve and Maria’s hope is that these heroes will be able to enjoy wine now and also look forward to the promise of fun memories to come when we get through these difficult times. 

We had a similar discount recently for many of our loyal customers and now we would like to extend something special to those who are working hard to serve the community.  If your work is serving one of these important roles, please shop online and enter promo code HERO at checkout. 

 Here at Parallel 44 and Door 44, we know that wine is also about community.  Let’s all as a community support our heroes during this time.

 It’s our small part to help recognize those who are so deserving of gratitude and little respite and comfort in these trying times. Now, more than ever, our heroes could use the refueling of emotional reservoirs that can come with a glass of wine.

 Thank you to all of you and Cheers!

 Steve & Maria

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