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Inspired to Serve You

Everyone’s lives have changed dramatically in the past month. While we are still busy with pruning and bottling, we too have felt the pain of not being able to open our tasting rooms to offer you the tastings, tours, and experiences that we love to do.  But like most Wisconsinites, we find ways to persevere and overcome challenges. It’s what we do, and who we are here in Wisconsin.

 Never have I valued your support as much as I do now. We have been very busy contacting our customers and putting wines together for both curbside pick-up and for shipment to your homes. We are very proud of our staff for going the extra mile to get this wine out to you as soon as we can.  Within the industry, some wineries are have struggled to find the shipping materials to get wine shipped out to many wine lovers.  But we here at Parallel 44 and Door 44 have gone the extra mile and have been very industrious and creative in finding what we need to get the wine out to you the same day or the next day.

 Your recent support of us has inspired us to do whatever we can. My mission has and will always be to work very hard to grow and craft wines that you can continue to discover, enjoy, and share them with others.

When I see nurses with tired eyes and irritated cheeks from wearing facemasks non-stop and grocery store clerks still politely greeting people with smiles after having worked every day for weeks, I am inspired.  That is why Maria and I are inspired to make a very special one-time offer to all those who are on our front lines from the grocery store to first responders to health care professionals to those driving trucks.  If you are one of those who are helping our country this way, we want to offer you until April 19 a 44% discount on 12 bottles of wine plus a free tour and tasting certificate for you and five other friends valued at $60 that you can enjoy later when some normalcy returns.

You have been there for us, and now we want to be there for you. Please know that our staff continues in so many ways to serve you.  Even though I would never wish to have to deal with such a challenge, I am pleased to know that our staff has the character and perseverance to serve you in a way that makes me very proud.

 Cheers to you all!


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