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Staff Post: Simple Pairings

Last night, I enjoyed some chocolate cake and Vintners Reserve. It was delicious. I kept expecting that sour tang that sometimes comes with sweet things paired with the wrong wine. But the chocolate brought out new notes in the wine, and the wine refreshed my palate for every bite of delicious chocolate cake.

It had me thinking about unexpected wine and good pairings. At a recent Feel Good Friday Facebook event, Maria talked about pairing roasted marshmallows with Bubbler  Then last week Steve and Maria paired spicy meat sticks with Petite Pearl. Now, more than ever, is the time to pick favorite foods and favorite wines and find out what pairs best for you.

It’s sometimes easy to think about pairing steak or fish in a fancy dinner. But those everyday little treats—they have a special place right now. Take a moment to roast a marshmallow over your stove top with your kids. Make some mac and cheese to pair with Frozen Tundra White, or try out the Vintners Reserve and chocolate cake pairing I just discovered. It doesn’t matter why it goes. Just choose something to enjoy! Take a moment of happiness as you sip a glass of wine.

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