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Top 5 Reasons to Drink Wisconsin Rosès

 Have you joined the rosè craze? We’re talking rosè wines, the hottest trend across the nation. From New York to Los Angeles, people are obsessed. And Wisconsin makes some of the most unparalleled varieties available. Here are the top 5 reason why Wisconsin rosès are a must-try.

1. Food Pairing Potential 

Few wines can match well with such a wide range of foods like a rosè wine. Whether you are enjoying cheese, salads  or lighter proteins, there is a rosè to complement and highlight the food you are enjoying. Its versatility in food pairing is based on its unique balance of sweetness, acidity, lower alcohol, and ability to cleanse the palate, which keeps your food interesting.

2. Sparkling Rosè Wine 

Sparkling rosè wines accentuate the bright crisp acidity and aromatic expression of rosè style wine. If you want a wine that is lively, celebratory, and refreshing, then sparkling rosè wine is your wine. Every sip keeps your palate fresh and reminds you of the joy of life.

3. Incredible Aromatics 

You will be hard pressed to find rosè wines that are more aromatic than those grown in the Upper Midwest. Our cool climate varietals are known for their high thiol production which is responsible for the amazing expressions of citrus and red berries that make your mouth water and make it hard for you to put your glass down.

4. Climate Creates Balance

Rosè wine epitomizes what we mean by balanced wine. You can experience the sweet aromatic expressions of white wines while also experiencing the acidity and flavors that can come from lighter red wines. It’s a perfect wine when hosting a party or to give a gift, as it is a wine that pleases a wide range of wine drinkers.

5. Diversity 

Rosè wines are perfect for wine drinkers who like to experience a wide array of different wine expressions. Rosè wines can be made from sweet to dry and still to sparkling. They can be appreciated for their very delicate and nuanced expressions, and they can be heralded for their very fruit forward expression of flavors and incredible mouthwatering acidity. There is a rosè that works for every season and every occasion.

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