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How to Pair Wine and Dessert

When “Local” also means World-Class

Nationally we have seen a great rise in the interest for all things “local.”  You see it from produce to restaurant menus to beverages.  Among the reasons for this growing interest is the desire to experience regional pride from distinctive and hand-crafted products reflecting the unique character of their region.

We like to say wine should reflect the soul of the land from which it is grown. No where else can you duplicate the unique expressions of the wine grown and crafted here in Wisconsin. We take extraordinary pride in offering something local, but also something that is world-class. Over the past few years our wines have been competing with some of the best wine regions of the world. Local has so much more meaning when it also provides you with the highest quality and artisanship.

“Wine should reflect the soul of the land from which it is grown.”

We visited Uncle Mike’s Bake Shoppe in Green Bay where they also strive provide this region with a locally produced, world-class product. They were recently awarded Best Kringle in North America and Mike, the founder of Uncle Mike’s Bake Shoppe, described a similar mission to offer some of the best that Northeast Wisconsin has to offer. We quickly discovered their passion, much like ours, to offer something local that can represent this region on the world stage. So naturally, we decided to pair some their delectable baked goods with some of our delicious local wines.

PAIRING #1 – Drink Pink! & Birthday Cake
PAIRING #2 – Cellar Door & Raspberry Swirl Cake
PAIRING #3 – Frozen Tundra White & Sea Salt Caramel Kringle

Many people are already enjoying these LOCAL products of Northeast Wisconsin.  However, the day will be soon when people from states far and wide across our country will be asking to enjoy and experience what we have to offer from our pastries to our wine.

Cheers to a life better lived!

Steve Johnson

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