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Tasting Notes: A dry smooth red blend of Marquette (50%) and Petite Pearl (50%), worthy of being called Reserve, with flavors of dark cherry and integrated oak.

Varietal: Marquette (50%) & Petite Pearl (50%)
Appellation: Wisconsin Ledge
Vintage: 2021
Alcohol: 12.5%
RS: Dry

Steve, our winemaker, created this red blend to accentuate the best flavors from two award-winning, Wisconsin grown grapes (Marquette and Petite Pearl). This special blend, first created in 2015 is considered by Steve to be one of the best vintages we have ever produced, thus the reason the wine was given the name Vintner’s Reserve. “Reserve” is a term used to describe
a wine of the highest quality and aging ability.

Petite Pearl is a relatively new grape varietal. It was first recognized in2014 as an official grape varietal. Owners, Steve and Maria, first experienced this grape at a wine conference in 2009, where samples of a wine created from this new varietal were available. Steve was so impressed by the flavors and smoothness of the wine that he immediately bought all the root stock available. In 2010, Parallel 44 was amongst the first to plant this grape and later became the second winery in the world to make a wine from the grape.

The Marquette is a cousin of the Frontenac and grandchild of the Pinot Noir which expresses itself with the fruit forward, bright, and balanced nuances that have made Pinot Noirs so popular. Our winemaker’s goal is to create a regional style of wine, like that of Bordeaux, where each vintage is the best expression of the varying amounts of the best two or three varietals from the region.

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