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Don’t Be Afraid of Wine Words

Wine is very complex but in no way should you be intimidated by its language. There are thousands of poems and hundreds of words that have been used to describe wine. But you do not have to know everything about wine to enjoy it! We are here to make it more understandable so that wine means fun, pleasure, and shared experiences.

Today I will take on the strange but commonly used word of “terroir” (pronounced tare WAHr). It’s a French word that means “sense of place.” The French use this word to describe how wine tastes different depending on the soil its grown in, the weather its grown in, and the impact of the winemaker’s style in a particular region.

Bordeaux is not a grape, it’s a region in France. Our region is called the Wisconsin Ledge.  Our wines taste the way they do because of our lighter soils left after the glaciers receded, our warm days, cool nights, and the influence of Lake Michigan breezes in the vineyard.

What is cool about this, is that there is no other place in the world that can duplicate what you experience in our wines.

Try our Sparkler, Wisconsin’s Best Sparkling Wine, and taste what we are talking about!


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