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Wine Talk: Wine Is Grown, Not Made

Steve, Winemaker: The term “wine is grown, not made” comes from our experience and the experience of thousands of other winemakers across the world. The quality of the product is dependent on what happens during the growing season.

Bob, Vineyard Manager: You’re not tasting what the winemaker does so much as you’re tasting what the land has put into the grape; the weather patterns have created that vintage, that season.

I love seeing the progression from year to year because it’s very rewarding to know that all the efforts I’ve put out over that time come to fruition.

Steve: It’s a place where you can see where your product started from. It’s a place where there’s natural beauty. You can walk the rows and see the symmetry of the rows. You can see beauty, the lushness of the vineyard as it starts to develop.

Bob: You’re not only tasting a place but you’re tasting a time and there’s something special about that.

Steve: Wine is the melding of nature and human intervention. And the combination or the interaction of the two creates a product that can’t be easily reproduced.   

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