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44 Live: 5 Best Mother’s Day Wines

While everyday is an opportunity to celebrate how much mom does, Mother’s Day is perfect for garnishing that special woman with more love and attention than necessary. What better way to say thank you than with a glass of world-class, fruit forward, locally grown wine… or two… or three. So cheers to the individual who cared, laughed, cried and loved for so many years. Cheers to moms! Here’s a list of 5 wines picked by our owner and mother of three, Maria.

Blue Moon

Nothing says “I’m ready for summer” like a chilled glass of our latest release, Blue Moon.This wine provides a true taste of Wisconsin and can complement almost any light-bodied Mother’s Day dish. Blue Moon represents local pride and shows mom you’re glad with where you’re roots are planted.


Just as mom provided a sparkle in your life, here’s a wine that will sparkle back. Voted Wisconsin’s Best Sparkling Wine 
in 2014, ’15 and ’16, Bubbler is the perfect tropical compliment to a relaxing Sunday brunch with mom.

Drink Pink

For those who consider mom more than just a parent, but a partner in crime, a gossip buddy and a best friend. The fruity sassiness that Drink Pink offers, says I love you mom but I also really like spending time with you. Long cries, never-ending laugh attacks and embarrassing moments you’ll never forget. Reminisce mom-time with a semi-sweet treat, Drink Pink.

Frozen Tundra Red

For that family mom who spent countless hours making brown-bag lunches for all the children she cared so much for, Frozen Tundra Red brings Mother’s Day together. Whether grilling in the backyard or entertaining a table full of family, this wine pairs with almost any hearty Mother’s Day dish. Provide balance to your Mother’s Day festivity with a bottle of Frozen Tundra Red.

Ice Wine

As one of the more difficult wines to produce, Ice Wine tells mom how much her years of hard work mean to you. At $55 this is our most expensive and most exclusive wine, but isn’t mom worth it? Wrap up Mother’s Day with a slice of cake, a glass of chilled Ice Wine and a big ole “Thank You.”

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