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Tasting Notes: Itasca is a semi-dry, medium-bodied white wine reminiscent of a classic White Bordeaux.  It has a multi-layered flavor explosion that ranges from fresh apples to green melons to violets. With a touch of minerality and a smooth long finish, this white is for wine enthusiasts whose palates crave adventure. Itasca is crisp, fruity and well balanced.

Pairing: Pairs well with chicken and fish, with a side of butter or cream sauce, and other rich seafoods such as salmon.  Also pairs with roasted chicken and vegetables.

Varietal:          Itasca
Appellation:     Wisconsin
Vintage:           2022
Alcohol:           11.5%
RS:                  Semi-Dry
Ferment:          Stainless Steel

A maverick in the Wisconsin Wine Industry, Steve, our winemaker is thrilled to introduce the first commercial wine release from the Itasca grape. New to Parallel 44 and the Midwest wine region, this wine was first released in Fall 2020.

Itasca is a new grape varietal developed by the University of Minnesota, by cross breeding Frontenac Gris and Seyval.  Lower in acidity than many white grapes from our region, it is being celebrated as one of the most promising white grapes developed.

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