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F2 Red Wine Parallel 44

F² (F Squared) is a Wisconsin wine original.  This wine is a 50/50 blend of two grapes grown here on the Wisconsin Ledge: Frontenac and Marechal Foch (also called Foch). When it came time to name this wine, Steve and Maria decided that “Frontenac X Foch=F². 

When it comes to red wine, the term age-ability often comes up. Not all wines will age in a way that develops nuance and subtle flavors over time. Acidity is one of the key components needed for a wine to maintain its structure or framework over time and allows for the wine’s flavors, color, and mouth-feel to evolve.

This F² vintage is sure to evolve and mature over time. As it matures, the toast of oak will add an expression of dark chocolate, a common characteristic of an age wine make with Frontenac grapes.


This dry, full-bodied red wine has fruit-forward aromatics with lingering notes of dark cherry, baking spices, and ripe plums. A wine to enjoy now, but will only get better over time. Pair with steak, roast, ribs and red sauces.

$22.99 per bottle

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