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Forging A World-Class Wine Region

KEWAUNEE, WI – It was our pleasure to host an uncommon, but much needed, gathering of 25 Wisconsin grape growers and wine producers, coming from across the badger state. This event was sponsored by a USDA Specialty Crops Grant being conducted by University of Wisconsin – Madison’s Fermentation Specialist, Nick Smith.

The main topic of discussion was maximizing the efficiency for growing, producing and marketing Petite Pearl wine. A gathering like this, involving in-depth conversation and experimentation, is invaluable to developing an identity and reputation for an emerging wine region with unlimited potential for world-class quality.

The consolidation of knowledge and experience leads to the acquisition of skills and techniques to grow and make the quality and style of wines that will be talked about, written about, and enjoyed across the globe. Much like any world-class wine region, Wisconsin must develop an identity, a style, and consistency, like Cabernet Sauvignon from Napa or Pinot Noir from Oregon.

Pioneering a new wine region can be extremely challenging, but also very motivating when similar passion is shared by like-minded individuals.  This collaboration is the foundation of a wine region and its legacy that can last for generations.

The next time you taste a Wisconsin wine that is truly grown and produced in Wisconsin (from ground to the glass, as we say) reflect on the story and the experience you are enjoying. You could be tasting one of the first wines developed in the world’s next great wine region.

Cheers to all you adventurous wine pioneers!
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