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44 Live: Wine Festivals and Events

While wine, in short, is an adult beverage made from fermented grape juice, it also resonates as a sense of well-being and brings forth an incomparable experience. When a wine festival or event is hosted, people come from all over to bask in that experience. Whether it’s a harvest festival and the community comes to gather grapes from the vines, or it’s a winter wine festival that warms the cold blood of the Midwestern community, people establish an emotional connection with a one-of-a-kind product. 

Every single bottle of wine has a story waiting to be told, and while the label can only narrate that story in a matter of a few sentences, a wine festival allows you to live, breathe and taste the experience.

Our first Frozen Tundra wine festival garnered 800 people from across the state. Recently, the event saw over 2,400 wine lovers from across the country gather in celebration of a substance that brings so much joy to peoples’ lives. The support from our community as well as wine drinkers everywhere has been gratifying and even more-so, humbling.

A winery like ours takes so much regional pride in growing a world-class quality wine that represents this area from the ground to the glass to the people.

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