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Does your palate crave adventure?
Would you like to be among the first to try new and exclusive wines?
Do you want to become an insider, receive exclusive benefits and try a variety of wines from both our wineries?
If you answered yes to any questions above we invite you to join the Vintner’s Choice Club. We have always wanted to form a bond with those who are passionate about exploring their palate and enjoying a life better lived. The growing and making of these wines and the interaction with our members offers something special for the customer and for us as winegrowers and wine makers.  
It is our passion to produce world-class wines that appeal to our customers. Our club is for those who want to explore their tastes and pioneer this new wine region with us.  Our wine club focuses on wines that can only be grown in our region of the country.  Our focus on these unique wines makes our club a tasty treat for those who want to explore their taste.
We invite you to join our club and pioneer this wine region with us as we take you on a delicious wine adventure.
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