Why join a wine club VS. purchasing at my local grocery store?

With a wine shop or grocery store you never really know what you're going to get. By joining a wine club like The Vintner’s Choice Wine Club, you are ensured that the wine has been carefully chosen and aged just for you. We are like friends recommending great wine to other friends! Every wine we feature is made here in Wisconsin at our Parallel 44 location.

When do you bill my credit card?

If you are subscribing for yourself or for someone as a gift, you'll be billed automatically each quarter, right before we ship your wines to you.

Are there membership fees?

There are no membership fees; you just pay for the quarterly package.

I just joined the Vintner’s Choice Club, when will I receive my first wine release?

Vintner’s Choice releases are sent in March, June, September, and December. An email will be sent to you prior to each scheduled shipment.

Can I choose my own wine?

Our club is about exploring your taste and trying a wide selection of wines from our unique wine region.  These wines, along with recipe pairings are included in your package.  Therefore, we hand select your wines for you each quarter.  Any additional wines beyond your club releases can be selected by you at your club discounts.

What if I don't like the wine in the release?

Our club is about exploring your taste and trying a wide selection of wines from our unique wine region.  These wines, along with recipe pairings are included in your package.  We encourage you to try them all and expose your taste buds to something new.  We understand everyone’s taste varies, so for the wines you decide not to try, it is also fun to share these wines with family and friends. 

Can I reorder wine from a past wine club feature?

YES! The Vintner’s Choice Wine Club accepts reorders while supplies last and as a club member you can purchase wines at a discount. It is not uncommon for our wine club members to save $50 - $100 per case.  Reorder your favorites here.  

Can I pick up my wine releases at the winery?

Yes. If you choose to pick up your wines, they will be available at the winery for up to 30 days from the release date. If you do not pick up your wines within 30 days, we will automatically ship your wines to you and charge the credit card on file for the applicable shipping fees.

 Can I give the Vintner’s Choice Club as a Gift?

A Vintner’s Choice Club membership is a unique gift for friends, family and business associates. Not to mention they are great for anniversaries and wedding gifts.

 How do I update my address or credit card information?

 Please call (920) 388-4400 or email club44@parallel44.com to update your member information.

What is The Vintner’s Choice Wine Club's return policy?

Wine by law cannot be returned once it leaves our winery.

How long does a Vintner’s Choice membership last?

Cancellation of membership before one year will result in forfeiture of all discounts received.

Can I skip or postpone a club release?

Yes, however you must accept at least 3 club shipments a year to remain a Vintner's Choice Member. To skip or postpone a shipment, please contact us at 920-388-4400 or email club44@parallel44.com. Your request must be received at least 14 days prior to the release date.

What is the Vintner’s Choice Wine Club's cancellation policy and how do I cancel?

Cancellation of your club membership before one year will results in forfeiture of all discounts received. If you have any questions or concerns, or would like to cancel membership, simply call us at 1-888-932-0044 or email club@parallel44.com. As soon as we speak with you we will confirm your immediate cancellation.



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