Winter Club Release

Wine maker Steve shares with you the wines you will be receiving starting December 7th.  See below for more details.

Red Door Bottle

Red Door

Red Door is made from the Marechal Foch grape, a cold climate varietal grown in the vineyards of Parallel 44. Marechal Foch has French origins, but is now predominantly planted in Wisconsin and MIchigan. Originally planted in France, this grape is named after a famous French General in World War I.

Through REd Door you will step from wine developed in Old World France to the New World wine of Wisconsin. Its versatility reflects styles ranging anywhere from a traditional earthy Burgundy to a more modern Beaujolais.

This wine is meant for everyday drinking and pairs well with foods such as burgers, pizza and pasta.  Red Door is also a must when you grill; drink it with everything from steaks to kabobs!

Drink Pink!

Awarded Best Wisconsin Rosé, Drink Pink! received its name from the common reference to rosé wine as "pink" wines. Once thought of as inferior wine, in recent years, rosés have seen a resurgence in popularity. Today, rosé wines are made from a variety of grapes and can range from dry to sweet and simple to complex. This greater selection means that there is a rosé for everyone.

This new vintage of Drink Pink! is a unique blend of three Frontenac varietals: Frontenac Blank, Frontenac Gris, and Frontenac Noir. The result is a wine that explodes with flavor from start to finish.

It is an intense, full-bodies, and balanced semi-sweet rosé wine with bright aromatics of strawberries, raspberries and grapefruit. Pare this with pasta, fish, Mexican or Asian dishes, and creamy cheeses.

Drink Pink wine bottle

gustoso wine bottle


Steve and Maria saved the best wine for the last release of the 2019 Vintner's Choice Club.

Gustoso, wich means "tasty" in Italian, is 100% grown on the Wisconsin Ledge. It is a blend of grapes from for different vineyards, including the vineyards of Parallel 44 and Door 44. Gustoso is made of the Marquette and Frontenac grapes.

This off-dry red offers several layers of flavors from cherry to blackberry. Your tastebuds will be dancing with tasty flavors, balanced with a racy acidity that will complement many foods, including pizza, pasta, burgers and lasagna.

We hope you enjoy this special red blend from the Wisconsin Ledge!


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