Tasting Room Events


July 1 - 31 (during regular hours)

Parallel 44 Vineyard & Winery and Door 44 Winery

Sparkler was inspired by a winemaker from Champagne, France, who suggested Steve try making a sparkling wine due to the cool Wisconsin summers. This refreshing rosé offers bright, fruit forward expressions and will make every day feel like a holiday!
Now through the end of July, everyone can enjoy:
  1. Free sample of Sparkler at Parallel 44 and Door 44
  2. 10% off your purchase of 2 or more bottles of Sparkler
  3. This offer extends to our online store as well! Use code: SPARKLER


Red, White and Rosé Weekend

July 3-7

Parallel 44 Vineyard & Winery and Door 44 Winery

Celebrate the Fourth of the July when you stop in to Parallel 44 and Door 44! Receive 10% off 3 or more bottles of the Frozen Tundra family of wines at Parallel 44, or the Door Series of wines at Door 44.


Wine, Cheese and Chocolate Flights

July 20-21

Parallel 44 Vineyard & Winery and Door 44 Winery

Details to come!


National Wine and Cheese Day

July 25

Parallel 44 Vineyard & Winery and Door 44 Winery

Stop in on National Wine and Cheese Day! When you purchase 3 bottles of wine, you'll get 1/2 off a wedge of cheese!


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