The Tundra Games

Please read the description and game instructions carefully before signing your team up for The Tundra Games.


The Tundra Games is a winter-themed competition open to attendees of Frozen Tundra Wine Fest, with each team consisting of four members. Participants MUST sign up prior to the event with the names of their four team members and the name of their team (see sign up form below). Participants MUST have purchased Frozen Tundra Fest General Admission Tickets before signing up for The Tundra Games.

The competition consists of 3 winter-themed games. The winners of each game will receive a special Frozen Tundra Fest prize.
Do you have what it takes to conquer The Tundra Games?
If you have any questions, please call 920-388-4400.


  • Snowball Toss
    Each team chooses 2 players. All teams begin by standing an equal distance apart. One person begins by tossing the snowball to the other teammate. If the teammate catches the snowball successfully, they both take a step back and the game continues. If the snowball breaks on the ground or in someone’s hands, the team is out. The game continues until there is one team left standing.
  • Sled Pull
    All 4 players from each team will compete in this contest. All teams begin at a start line. On “go” one player will pull another player to the turnaround pint. The players will switch positions and return to the start line. The next two players will take over and do the same thing. First team to go back and forth 2x is the winner.
  • Bags
    Each team chooses 2 players. Teams will be randomly chosen who they’re playing against. Traditional American bag rules apply. First team to 21 wins. 


The Tundra Games Sign Up

The first 10 teams to sign up will be entered for The Tundra Games.


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