Wine Talk: The Original Frozen Tundra

Apr. 27, 2017

As we continue to diversify our wine offerings, it is so important that we never lose sight of where we came from. 2009 brought us a very long winter, abnormally low summer temperatures and a hint of discouragement.

It also brought ingenuity, hope and our first harvest of Frontenac, which gave us Frozen Tundra Original. Over the past decade we've made over 32 thousand gallons or 160 thousand bottles through eight harvests.

Every harvest offers something unique, but some things will
never change including the Frozen Tundra region, and ironically the unpredictable weather.

Frozen Tundra Original is not jut a cornerstone at Parallel 44, but each and every 
bottle is a piece of this region's geography,community and history.

At the time it seemed discouraging, but in the end this cold weather climate we all know and love helped create this wine we all know and love.

Get your bottle of Frozen Tundra Original and grab a taste of Wisconsin.


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