Wine Talk: Blue Moon

May. 11, 2017


Elegant. Sophisticated. Crisp. Balanced.  Indulge your taste buds in our latest wine, Blue Moon. Developed and established in Wisconsin this is home-grown from grape to glass. The October 2016 harvest produced flavors that only occur once in 
a Blue Moon. 


Described as balanced and approachable, this semi-dry white wine offers tropical fruit aromatics and a touch of honey 


Winemaker's Notes


Made from 100% St. Pepin grown on the Wisconsin Ledge. Blue Moon emulates true Wisconsin roots because the grapes were developed by 
the pioneer of cold climate viticulture, Elmer Swenson from Osceola, Wisconsin in 1983. 


Swenson was a self-taught grape breeder responsible for the grape varieties capable of surviving the extreme Midwest seasons. He discovered that if he crossed Midwest grapes with viniferas from California and Europe, he could create grapes perfectly suited for our climate. 


Food Pairing


Light-bodied, dry, white wines pair best with simple, light dishes. For example, dry white wines like Blue Moon pair well with fresh seafood, grilled chicken, mild cheese and roasted vegetables. They also pair well with dishes that offer a natural sweetness or slightly citrusy. The acidity in the wine cuts through sweet flavors and allows your palate to savor the flavor, instead of being overwhelmed by too many sweet flavors at once.

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