Red Wine vs White Wine

Apr. 06, 2017

Kewaunee, WI - With so many elements surrounding wine and its production process people often ask, "What is the difference between red wine and white wine?"

From a production standpoint the difference lies in the skin contact. With white wines we don't want skin contact time because we want to sense the aromatics of that grape. With red wine we do want skin contact time with the juice because that hold the tannin, the richness and the flavor that we seek in a red expression.

From a taste standpoint you need to break the wine down into its core elements. For whites, these include acid, sugar and water. For reds, its the same three elements except now you keep the tannins in. So the interplay of those different elements gives you the different expressions. So in general you are going to find whites to be more aromatic, fruit forward, and zingy zesty. With reds we really want to focus on flavors that linger on your palate, while white we tend to focus on what do you smell up front.

From a health perspective, most physicians will tell you that red wine is healthier because it consists of a compound known as resveratrol, which is an antioxidant and helps your circulatory system. Other physicians will tell you that wine in general is good for your health because wine often forces you to slow down and enjoy the moment. By the nature of relaxing it will often cause you to lower your blood pressure and enhance a better sense of well being.

At the end of the day it's not about red versus white. What we try to instill at Parallel 44 is that each and every wine drinkers palate should determine their preference.

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