Gift Guide For Wine Lovers

Dec. 14, 2017


This one is light, bright, crisp and white. Wine lovers across every spectrum will enjoy this incredibly balanced bouquet of light tropical notes with not too much sweetness. La Crescent is perfect for welcoming friends and family into your home.




For you finger food fanatics out there!! This sweet, crisp rosè-style blend will cut through all those salty finger foods at the Christmas party. Every time you take a scoop of your uncle’s famous homemade trail mix, follow it up with a sip of the original Frozen Tundra.




Not only is the PERFECT celebration wine for Christmas, New Years or any occasion, but we recommend this be served with those light meat main dishes as well. The dry, crisp acidity in Bubbler compliments any turkey roast or chicken dish going around at the party.




Named Wisconsin’s BEST WINE in 2015, this well balanced, dry red delivers exceptional flavor. The deep array of fresh fruit notes combined with a hint of oak, enhance the flavor of any dark meat dish.





There’s always those wine lovers who prefer something above and beyond the ordinary. Our Ice Wine is crafted using frozen grapes, which produce a thick, highly concentrated syrup that can’t be easily reproduced. This is the perfect treat to pair with some delectable desserts or to sip after your big holiday feast.




At the end of the day when the food’s been consumed and the presents opened, you just want to relax with those closest to you. Cellar Door’s port-style flavor of rich red fruits will keep you and your company warm at 18% ABV. This also goes great with those dark chocolates your aunt always brings.

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