An Easter Celebration

Apr. 13, 2017


Bubbler   |  Frozen Tundra Original  |  Nouveau Rouge 






Spring is in the air and the Easter holiday season is upon us. It's a time for family and friends to gather, share stories, indulge in a tasty meal and perhaps enjoy a glass of wine or two . . . or three.


Since Bubbler was developed in 2014, it has been a staple at so many family Easter celebrations. Whether mixing with orange juice for some extra-fruity mimosas or simply poured perfectly all on its own, what better way to welcome family and friends than with a fruit-forward glass of sparkling white wine, grown and made right here in Wisconsin. 


Every great celebration tends to include both delectable foods and delicious wines. So, as your Easter plate begins to fill up with some savory ham and your aunt's favorite cheesy potato dish, think about what would pair perfectly. Both Frozen Tundra Original and Nouveau Rouge not only compliment any savory, salty Easter dish, but in many cases enhances the flavor of so many Easter foods. 


Now comes the part of the celebration when everyone is full to the brim and the kids are ready to find some Easter eggs. So what is the perfect wine to sit back, relax and sip on. Frozen Tundra Original is an easy sit and sip wine as the white fruit aromas come forward and you get more comfortable in your family's fold out chair. The kids are occupied, the food is consumed and now you get to relax, converse and sip some delicious wine.


Whether it's welcoming out of town relatives with some refreshing bubbler, complimenting your button busting Easter meal, or just relaxing with the family, Parallel 44 will help bring it all together. 


Here are some other favorite Easter food pairing: 


  • Sparkler and peeps
  • Frozen Tundra Red and roasted turkey
  • Glacier Fume and chicken caesar salad
  • Autumn Bliss and pigs in a blanket
  • Bubbler and ANYTHING

































































































































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